Wisdom Teeth

Q: Why do we even have wisdom teeth? A: Because they were handy 10,000 years ago. A long time ago the human diet consisted of rough foliage. The prevailing theory is that the limitations of our digestive systems required considerably more chewing and pulverizing of plant material to assist in nutrient extraction. This is the primary purpose of molars and they… (more…)

Baby Tooth Traditions

Yesterday was a big day for my son!  He is enjoying all of the regular milestones of being a  7-year-old and the loss of his first baby tooth was something he had been looking forward to for a long time.  The average age for losing the first tooth is typically age 6 but it is perfectly normal to begin as early as… (more…)

Waterline Maintenance in our Dental Office

You may have read in the news about an outbreak of infections from a dental clinic in Anaheim, California that were the result of contaminated water: Read Article Here Proper Infection Control This unfortunate case highlights the importance of proper infection control. It appears the procedures performed, while likely done under otherwise appropriate conditions, subjected the patients to the water… (more…)

X-Ray Radiation: The Safety of Dental X-Rays

I am asked daily about the safety of dental x-rays and this is always regarding the use of radiation to obtain the images. I assure people that the level of radiation is slight and relatively insignificant. Modern dental imaging and the advent of digital sensors has resulted in the need for so little radiation as to render the relative risk… (more…)

Do redheads feel pain differently?

Redheads feel more pain

The answer is Yes. I am often informed by people with red hair that they believe they feel pain to a greater degree than others as well I have been asked if red-haired people have a harder time dealing with pain.  This is a common idea in dentistry as the concept of pain is never far during our time in… (more…)

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