Baby Tooth Traditions

Yesterday was a big day for my son!  He is enjoying all of the regular milestones of being a  7-year-old and the loss of his first baby tooth was something he had been looking forward to for a long time.  The average age for losing the first tooth is typically age 6 but it is perfectly normal to begin as early as age 5 or as late as 7 or even 8.  He even lost it while he was asleep (good thing he didn’t swallow it 🙂  He was very careful to put it under his pillow before going to sleep and, as expected, it was spirited away by the tooth fairy and replaced with a crisp $5.00.  First teeth tend to go for a little extra.

Here in the US exchanging teeth for money is our regular tradition however that is not shared around the world.  In Japan, baby teeth from the lower jaw are thrown onto the roof of the house while teeth from the upper jaw are buried under the floor.  This guides the emerging adult teeth in the correct direction.  Children in Mongolia wrap the tooth in meat and feed it to the dog and ask for a new tooth.  Check out this map of how children across the globe celebrate their changing smile!

Baby Tooth Traditions

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