Waterline Maintenance in our Dental Office

splashing-waterYou may have read in the news about an outbreak of infections from a dental clinic in Anaheim, California that were the result of contaminated water: Read Article Here

Proper Infection Control

This unfortunate case highlights the importance of proper infection control. It appears the procedures performed, while likely done under otherwise appropriate conditions, subjected the patients to the water used in the clinic operatories. The Orange County Health Care agency discovered that the pathogen responsible for the infections originated in the office water lines. The article is unclear how the office treated their waterlines however industry standards exist that must be followed.

Hillside Dental uses a Closed Water System

In case you are curious, at our office we do not use unfiltered tap water. We rely on a closed system where treated water is used in sealed bottles that we remove weekly and drain water from the lines. We also clean our water lines monthly with a “shock” treatment.

For more information, download the water maintenance guide used by Hillside Dental.

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